Beat Its Lustrum!

Beat Its 10th Birthday was celebrated in a way you could only ever expect from us: with an exciting squash tournament followed by a legendary party with lots of banter and an irresponsible amount of alcohol!

Old and new members came together. It was really lovely getting to know squashies who’ve been a member of Beat It in the past and having the chance to challenge them to a game of squash.

Even other student squash associations we’ve befriended over the years had come to party with us!

It was a Lustrum party to never forget! See you all back in five years!

Check out more pictures of the Lustrum here!

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Hitchhiking weekend

I think it’s safe to say it was a hell of a hitchhiking weekend. While some were lucky and got to the destination within 7 hours.. others couldn’t get to the destination at all without the help of the amazing and nobel Lennaert and his pick up car… or breaking the NUMBER ONE RULE of hitchhiking, whitch is: not to use public transport…

However, when everyone had finally arrived (even though it was the middle of the night) the party could get propperly started at last!

The next day we got to explore Hamburg at its finest as we were blessed with lovely sunny weather, there wasn’t a cloud in the sky! Not only did we get the full chocolate experience in the chocolate museum, we also got to enjoy architectural wonders whilst strolling through the city centre.

Here are some stunning pictures of our absolutely amazing time
Click here for more fab pics! 


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Cycling dinner

I must say.. the squashies have proven to be just as great at cooking as they are at playing squash! Not only the did the excellent food make it a great night, but also the wine… no, I mean the lovely dinner guests made it fun.

All in all it was a lovely evening filled with good food, good company and lovely cycling weather!

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Groningen tournament

Last weekend we travelled up North to play in a tournament in Groningen. We got to play some great matches and also got to watch some of the best players in The Netherlands. We even won a couple of prizes in the student category!
After the tournament we danced the night away and sang along with all the classics in the karaoke bar. On Sunday we got to enjoy the lovely sunny weather on our boat and explored the city.

See you next year Groningen!

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