Open Club Night

Are you a student in Utrecht?
Are you an avid Squash player? Never heard of the sport before and want to try it out?
Do you want to improve your physical condition?
Do you also want to have fun and drink a beer?

If the answer to any of these questions is yes: CONGRATULATIONS!!

You are officially invited to Beat It’s Open Club Night on Thursday 05/09 and 12/09 at Olympos Sportscentrum for an opportunity to try out squash and join our society for the night! (no costs, and no Olympas required).
Just be there at 20:00 and bring some sport clothes***, we will take charge of the rest!
Maybe YOU can be the next club champion!
***IMPORTANT: No black sole shoes allowed!

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On the 11th January, an excentrically dressed group of students arrived at Utrecht Central. It was time for Beat It’s favourite activity of the year: the members weekend! This year the theme was ‘countries’. After much secrecy, we arrived at the beautiful city of Delft. We enjoyed a delicious meal prepared by our AcCie (thank you eternally for the delicious meal <3 Simone, Aimée, Stuart, Thom and Suvi). We finished the evening traditionally with a pub quiz. After the night was beerponged away (and we’d visited the Mac) it was time to explore the city. After we ended up in an Irish pub, we returned to Utrecht together.

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