Kleine Kompetitie

The level of squash being played within Beat It is growing quickly. For the first time in a number of years Beat It is participating in the Kleine Kompetitie (a squash league in the south of the Netherlands)!

Part of the Beat It team, their loyal supporters and a great opponent.

The first match day honestly went better than expected, with some excellent results to show for it: fourth position out of seven (Follow US Beat It’s pool here) brought us enough pride to start drinking beer with our heads held high.

Curious about the rest of the night? Check out Beat It’s instagram post or Facebook page to stay updated!


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Introduction day

Come to Beat Its intoduction day on the 29th of september! It will start around 11AM. We will meet up at Olympos for a fun day with lots of (non squash related) activities. Lunch will be provided.

After the activities we will do what we are best at: drinking some beers and ordering pizza.

Hope to see you all there! For more info check out our Facebook event, or sign up straight away through this link!

P.S. You don’t have to pay for the day, everything will be on Beat It. (Only if you stay for dinner you will have to pay some for the pizza’s).

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Open Club nights

Are you looking to join a student society in Utrecht? Then swing by US Beat Its open Club nights on 6 and 13 September!

US Beat It is Utrechts student squash society. Besides playing lots of squash, on all levels, we also organise loads of non squash related , social events! The atmosphere is always very easy going, there is always someone up for a beer or a game of squash.

During our weekly club nights on Thursdays we play squash from 20.00 – 23.00 on the courts at Olympos. Don’t be shy to drop by! Afterward we always go for a beer at the sports café.

Brows around our website or our Facebook page to see what we’re about. And perhaps we’ll see you on the courts soon!

If you’re really enthusiastic sign up straight away through this link!


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End of the year BBQ

What another great year it has been for Beat It! And what better way to celebrate that than during a BBQ with dubious looking green hamburgers and burnt, raw chicken and lots and LOTS of beer

Loads of new members have joined this year and it’s thanks to you that it’s been a year filled with good banter

Thank you to the British and Irish lads for teaching us your traditional drinking songs this year  you keep amazing us by always being the first and the worst who are “helemaal naar de klote “

Not only did we look back on fond memories, the candidate board of next year also announced themselves! Check out foto’s and video’s on our Flickr account to see how they presented themselves. All I can say about it is that it was unforgettable. And that I still found pieces of confetti in my hair the next morning…


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