The AcCie

We as a squash association are a very sporty society, but we are not just that! We also have loads of social events organised around the club evenings and tournaments. That’s why we have our amazing activity committee, also known as the AcCie. The main goal of the AcCie is to organize fun and unique events at least once a month. In this way members can get to know each other outside of the squash courts. Furthermore, we make it possible for alumni to still be involved with the association without being an active squasher at Beat It. Some examples of the bigger activities we organize are: the liftweekend and the membersweekend. We see that activities are well received by our members, this makes it a very rewarding business.

The SportCie

Since 2020 the tournament committee, also known as the ToCo, and the Sports committee (SportCie) have merged. The SportCie is responsible for the organization of tournaments throughout the year. We try to organize tournaments every two months if possible. Most of these tournaments are also open for externals and our alumni. One exception is the Club championship at the end of the year, where only Beat It members can battle for the prize of best squasher. Besides ordinary tournaments, we also try to arrange special tournaments with other sport societies.

Battle of the cities is a squash tournament which is organized in a different city in The Netherlands each year. Student squash associations from all over the country come together to compete against each other. May the best city win!

BallStars is a tournament in cooperation with 5 other student sport societies from Olympos. During this tournament you can get a taste of other sports besides squash. These sports include: Badminton, Tabletennis, Basketball, Korfball, Floorball and Volleyball. So if you are an allround athlete this is the tournament for you!

Besides tournaments, the SportCie also helps members to improve their squash skills, by helping them on the courts and giving advice. The SportCie also hosts an internal ladder for Beat It members to take part in. The goal of this competition is to encourage the members to play competitive matches and improve their squash abilities.

The YearCie

The YearCie was set up because we noticed that we didn’t actually take as many pictures of all the good times in the past year as we would’ve liked, and who doesn’t want a yearbook full of derpy pictures of the friends you make during a year with Beat It? Therefore, the YearCie’s task consists of taking pictures during AcCie events and SportCie tournaments, and putting together a little yearbook at the end of the year for members to buy and take home.

The IntCie

The IntCie is a new committee for the 2019-2020 season. The IntCie will aim to organise an international exchange with another squash society. The reason for this is to allow Beat It members to connect with squash societies outside of the Netherlands.

The AdviesCie

The AdviesCie is a special committee because it consists only of old board members. The function of the AdviesCie is to give council to the current board but also to keep an eye on their decisions. The AdviesCie will also give advice on the policy plans of the new board at the start of the year. The board has to discuss advice given by the AdviesCie however they have no obligation to implement this advice.

The KasCo

The KasCo consists of at least two old treasurers and will monitor and assist the current treasurer. The KasCo will advise the new board on their budget at the beginning of the year. The current treasurer will stay in contact with the KasCo and inform the board about advice they give.

Every year we are looking for new members for the AcCie, the SportCie, the YearCie, and the IntCie. If you are interested in a position in one of the committees or have amazing ideas, do not hesitate and let us know by sending an email to

In 2017 a tradition was born. The SportCie challenged the AcCie for a lasertag duel. The winners could call themselves the best committee for a whole year.