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General information

US Beat It and Sportcentrum Olympos cooperate to provide squash training for every level. Each period consists of ten trainings of one hour, in which you focus on improving both your movement, stamina and technique. So even if you have never held a racket before, we can teach you the basics. The squash trainings take place every Monday and Tuesday evening at the squash courts of  Olympos.

Registrations will open three weeks before the start of the training period and everyone with a valid olympas can register. 

Please read the training regulations carefully before you register.

Times and levels

BeginnersHaven't you played squash very often yet, or are you not too confident yet. This will be the level for you.
Advanced beginnersYou have played squash several times and know how to play a basic match, start in this group.
Half-advancedHave you followed multiple trainings before or is your level high enough, join this group.
AdvancedIf you can play squash very well after some years of practice. You can join the advanced trainings group


The training will be given by Stefan.