Training regulations

Valid for the academic year 2017-2018

  1. Training is only possible with a valid OlymPas
  2. The training fee is €38.90. Members of student squash association Beat It get 20% discount and pay €31.35
  3. To be qualified to be divided in any of the training groups, the online registration form should be submitted and the training fee should be paid before the end of the registration period.
  4. The training fee can be paid only via the link in the email, sent automatically after completing the online registration form.
  5. The training fee is reduced if you participate in a training for the first time in a beginner group and participated in at least eight training sessions.
  6. The training fee is refunded if you could not be divided in any of the groups in the period you registered for, because there were more registrations than available spots. To is irrespective of a place on the substitution list (see point 8).
  7. In the registration form you are asked to assess your squash level. This is only an estimation. You are not necessarily placed in the group you applied for. Other participants are also taken into account and on the basis of this you are divided in the appropriate group. If you are divided in another group than the one you applied for, you are not qualified to get a refund if you decide to unsubscribe from the training.
  8. Participants should wear non-marking sport shoes. Without these you are not allowed to enter the squash courts. The trainers will be strict in this.
  9. When there are more registrations than available spots, the spots will be assigned by lot. Rejected applicants can be placed on the substitution list and will be asked to substitute (for free) in case of a cancellation.
  10. Rejected applicants have a guaranteed spot for the next training period, unless they don’t want to train.
  11. Members of Beat It are assigned ⅔ of the available spots. This is an agreement between Beat It and Sportcentrum Olympos, as a part of their collaboration. You can become a member of Beat It at a cost of €25 per year. You can find the benefits here.
  12. Every training session lasts 60 minutes, of which 50 minutes will be effective squash training.
  13. Training comprises both condition training and squash technique exercises.
  14. There will be one trainer at the beginner and advanced training groups. The advanced beginner and half advanced training groups will have two trainers.
  15. When one trainer is absent, a replacement will be arranged. If this is not possible, the advanced beginner and half advanced groups will have only one trainer instead of two. He or she will lead both courts during the training.
  16. When a participant is more than 10 minutes late without a valid reason, the trainers are allowed to refuse the participant access to the training concerned.
  17. Participants unable to attend a training session, are asked to inform the secretary of Beat It ( at least two days in advance. In this way, it is still possible to arrange substitutions.
  18. Participants that regularly show up late, inform a cancellation late or not at all will be placed on a blacklist. This will affect the chances of being assigned a spot for later training periods.
  19. After the first training session of the period, trainers are given the opportunity to change the group divisions. This is to make sure that everyone is divided in a group where they can improve as much as possible and is the most fun to them.
  20. In cases where these regulations are unclear or insufficient, the board of Beat It decides.  

In case of any questions, please contact the secretary of Beat It:, or fill in the contact form.