Training regulations

Applies to the 2022-2023 academic year.

  1. Training is only possible if you are in possession of a valid Olympas.
  2. US Beat It does not provide squash rackets for people that are attending the training sessions. Instead, it is expected that they bring their own rackets, or rent one at the desk of Olympos. The squash balls are being provided by Olympos. 
  3. The fee for the training sessions is €43.55. For members of student squash association Beat It the training sessions cost €35.10 (20% discount).
  4. In order to be placed in one of the training groups, you have to submit the online registration form before the end of the registration period and have paid the lesson fee.
  5. Payment of the tuition fee can only be done through a link in the email, which will be sent to you automatically after you have completed the online registration form.
  6. You can get the tuition fee or part of the tuition fee back:
    a. If you participate in your first training for beginners and have followed at least 80% of this training. Then you would receive part of the tuition fee back, which is €32.35 for non-members and €26.10 for members of US Beat It.
    b. Or if you can’t be classified at all for the period you registered for, because there are more registrations than available participation places. This is regardless of whether you are on the reserve list (see point 8). In this case you will get a full refund of the tuition fee.
  7. During the registration you will be asked to indicate your squash level. This remains an estimation. You will not necessarily be placed in your indicated group. We will look at other participants and based on that information we will place you in the appropriate group. You will not be refunded if you are placed in a different group than you requested during the registration process. 
  8. Participants should use non-marking sports shoes. If this is not the case you are not allowed on the course. The trainers will be strict on this.
  9. If there are more registrations than places to train, a draw will be made. Individuals who are not selected can be placed on the reserve list; if there are cancellations they will be asked to fill in (free of charge).
  10. The costs of the training sessions will be refunded if an individual who registered cannot be assigned to one of the training groups because there were more registrations than available spots.
  11. Members of Beat It are eligible for two-thirds of the training spots. This has been agreed upon as part of the cooperation with Sportcentrum Olympos. For €25 per year you can become a member of Beat It. Benefits for members can be found here.
  12. Each training session lasts 60 minutes, of which 50 minutes are effective squash training.
  13. Training includes both fitness training and squash technique exercises.
  14. There is one trainer present at the trainings.
  15. If the trainer is absent, we will try to find a replacement.
  16. Finding replacement on your own is allowed, but does not count towards your participation count. 
  17. If a participant is 10 minutes late without having given a valid reason in advance, the trainers may refuse to allow him/her to attend the lesson in question.
  18. In case of cancellation, participants are requested to report this in time to the secretary of Beat It ( Please let us know at least two days before the training in order to arrange replacements.
  19. Participants who consistently arrive late, cancel too late or do not cancel at all will be blacklisted. This will affect the chances of being enrolled in subsequent training periods.
  20. After the first training of a new training period, the trainers can still change the groupings. This is to ensure that everyone ends up in a group where they can learn as much as possible and have fun.
  21. In cases where these rules are not clear enough or do not provide enough information, the board of Beat It will decide.

If there are any questions feel free to contact the secretary of Beat It: