Olympos introduces an easy way to connect with other squash players using your mobile phone or computer and Beat It is going to join! Check who is available and create your own profile.

Join the ‘laddercompetitie’ and play a match on your level, every two weeks.


Subscription is FREE and can be done via or by downloading the free app for Iphone and Android (search for squashladder).

How does it work?

Every two weeks there starts a new round and you’ll receive an e-mail an invitation for a match. You’re playing against someone around your level and you haven’t played against for the last three matches. A suggestion for the day of the match will be done judging from the availability of both players.

At the end of each round the results will be processed:

  • You will switch your position on the board if you win from someone higher on the ladder.
  • If you don’t play a match two times in a row you’ll be removed from the board.

You can see all the rules and how the scores work here.