Us Beat It internal box league

As part of our competitive offering, US Beat It organises an internal box league. Participants play around 4 matches per month, with promotion/relegation taking place at the end of each round. The league allows players to compete against each other outside of the more relaxed setting of our weekly Club Nights. Through the league, players are able to gain more experience playing 1-on-1 matches and improve their Squash skills, whilst striving to make their way into the Premier Division.

Kleine-Kompetitie: Local, social and varied

Note: Currently we do not have a Beat It team playing in the competition.

Besides playing in the Olympos ladder competition or playing in the Us Beat It internal box league, it is also possible to join a Beat It team in the Kleine-Kompetitie, or Small Competition. This allows you to increase your squash skills in a friendly but competitive setting against other (mainly student) players from other clubs.

Have you been playing squash for a while and would you like to join the Beat It team? Don’t hesitate and join the Kleine Kompetitie for competitive games, team spirit and much more squash fun. The Kleine-Kompetitie is organised by and for squash players and it is set up in a way to suit players from varying levels and to allow them to play competitive games against players from their own region in a friendly and open atmosphere.

About every third week on a Saturday, you and your team members will play games against one or more other teams from the poule. These are student teams from Nijmegen and Eindhoven, as well as teams from other squashcenters within the provinces Utrecht, Noord-Brabant and Gelderland. This makes the Kleine-Kompetitie local, social and varied.

Play at your own level

Based on your level within your team of four players, you play one or multiple games against someone from the other team that is about at the same level. For example, If your are the nr.3 in your team, you will also play the nr. 3 from the opposing team. Therefore you do not need to be the best squash player to play in this competition, as long as you have a nice team and some experience in competitive matches. In the Kleine-Kompetitie the fun and social part of squash are most important!

For more info see their website of the Kleine Kompetitie

Please inform the board ( if you are interested in joining the internal box league or the Beat It team. New competitions (Kleine Kompetitie) start in September and possibly January of each year, so please let us know well in advance.