Meet the (official) board of US Beat It 2018/19!

Last night we held our ALV, at which the Candidate Board were officially installed as the board of US Beat It. Everybody sat through another one of Thom’s long speeches as well as some fascinating insights from the other board members. Following this, the members voted to accept the new board, which gave Eefje the power to hand over the duties of running US Beat It to the gorgeous squash lovers that you see here!

We are very proud to be the board of US Beat It and we can’t wait to lead the society into another successful, squash-filled year.

Always remember: Don’t be an ass, BE A TIT!

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Kleine Kompetitie home match

Who’s got the best supporters ever? UTRECHT! UUUUUUUUUuuuu!!

This was proven by the awesome turnout of supporters who showed up to cheer our team on at All Inn. Although the second day didn’t end up going as smoothly as the first did matchwise, I’m sure everyone will agree with me when I say the atmosphere may have been even better. Follow Beat It’s pool here, or check out our Facebook or Instagram pages for the latest updates.

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Kleine Kompetitie

The level of squash being played within Beat It is growing quickly. For the first time in a number of years Beat It is participating in the Kleine Kompetitie (a squash league in the south of the Netherlands)!

Part of the Beat It team, their loyal supporters and a great opponent.

The first match day honestly went better than expected, with some excellent results to show for it: fourth position out of seven (Follow US Beat It’s pool here) brought us enough pride to start drinking beer with our heads held high.

Curious about the rest of the night? Check out Beat It’s instagram post or Facebook page to stay updated!


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Introduction day

Come to Beat Its intoduction day on the 29th of september! It will start around 11AM. We will meet up at Olympos for a fun day with lots of (non squash related) activities. Lunch will be provided.

After the activities we will do what we are best at: drinking some beers and ordering pizza.

Hope to see you all there! For more info check out our Facebook event, or sign up straight away through this link!

P.S. You don’t have to pay for the day, everything will be on Beat It. (Only if you stay for dinner you will have to pay some for the pizza’s).

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