All good things come to an end…..

Last night we had our final event of the year, the final BBQ! 🙁

Although the weather wasn’t entirely on our side we had a great time at the Cambridgelaan, the UP Rooftop party, Vivian and Oka’s house (yes, some people didn’t want to leave!) and some of us at Tivoli Vredenburg. And the big secret (we thought it was at the time) of the evening was of course that our wonderful new board for 2016-2017 was presented!!

The fun stories, memories made and exciting (or sleepy) adventures made it a great way to cap off a fantastic sporty and gezellig year!

The board would like to wish everyone a fantastic summer holiday and we hope to see you all back in September! If you haven’t filled in the form to say you want to remain a member, please do so here! 🙂

P.S. Pictures from yesterday are on our pictures page! 😉