Members weekend (Lads on tour)

Boy oh boy what a weekend! Where to start telling you about it…
Well it all started at Utrecht Central Station. Everybody was excited for the pirate adventure to start even though we didn’t know where we were headed yet! The AcCie had kept it a secret.

It was a long journey. After the train ride and the most terrifying bus ride, as the driver seemed to be going 100 miles an hour whilst taking sharp turns, we continued our journey by foot. As we set off on our 300 hour trek through rough terrain (AKA Brabant) the only thing that kept us going was the thought of Thom and Lennaert having dinner ready for us at our arrival.
And then there it was, in the distance we saw an idyllic scouts hut with smoke comming from the chimney. We could smell the yummie spaghetti bolognese being prepared for us.
After we had warmed up inside with some beers and Uncle Peter had made some inaproriate jokes it was time to get the party stared.
It was a great weekend filled with adventure, fun games as Rage Cage and The Marshmallow Fight, a thrilling scavenger hunt and massive hangovers. We even lost Ramon for a couple of hours… oops.
We’ll remember this weekend as a great adventure…
But the disturbed villagers’ll probably remember it as “The weekend a drunk, lost pirate got picked up and brought home by the police.”

All in all it was an awesome weekend!

bier ramon tafel